Super Angel All Stainless Steel Twin Gear Juicer Review

Review Of The Super Angel All Stainless Steel Twin Gear Juicer

Super Angel All Stainless Steel Twin Gear Juicer Review

In a class all its own, Super Angel’s stainless steel juicer is a sight to behold.

It looks the part; it is shiny, it is streamlined, and it has a lot of amazing features that put it a step ahead of all the competition.

The main control board is all new in this model, and there is a thermal motor sensor that is self-controlling and automatic.

If something in the interior of the juicer gets too hot, the cooling system kicks in automatically. Let’s look at the main features below:

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One of the things that stand out about this juicer is its stainless steel construction. Before this, there was no other juicer that was completely made out of stainless steel. Obviously, the material it is made from is crucial, because everything that comes out of the juicer is affected by it. You are paying to stay healthy, and many people feel that no amount of money is too high for that. This juicer, in addition to being made out of stainless steel, is also an attractive gadget for a number of reasons.

Let’s face it; plastic simply is not as good as stainless steel. It is stronger, no harmful chemicals get into the food, and it doesn’t leave the juice with a strange taste, the way plastic can.

The 3HP motor in this juicer is strong, which means that it is appropriate for both commercial and residential juicing. Also, the speed is 100RPM or less, which helps to make the juicer as efficient as it can be.

This machine has two gears that work collaboratively to break down the produce, so you get more juice than you would otherwise. The efficiency of the juicer is incredible.

Are you concerned that you will spend money on the juicer, only to have it break a few years later? Most of the parts, like the switch panel, twin gears, motor, power cord and more are all protected by a ten-year warranty. The extracting screen housing has a five-year warranty.

The Good

This juicer is suitable for processing leafy greens.

While most juicers aren’t able to handle leafy greens, this one doesn’t have a problem in juicing kale, spinach, wheat grass and other leafy greens. This should make juicing enthusiasts happy. Some users have said this juicer is as efficient as the high-end brand Norwalk.

The juice is clear, free from froth and foam, and it has a long shelf life

As the juicer processes the fruits and vegetables at slow speed, froth and foam don’t appear. The juice is clear, and it tastes as good as natural juice. Since there is no froth, the juice contains less air, so it isn’t subject to oxidation processes. This makes it keep well so that you can refrigerate it safely up to two days.

The juice doesn’t get contaminated with chemicals from plastic

Common juicers are made from a mix of metal and plastic. This one is the only juicer on the market made exclusively from high-quality stainless steel. By high-quality we mean surgical grade stainless steel. What can be safer than that? This means the juice isn’t exposed to potentially toxic chemicals from plastic. Stainless steel doesn’t interact with food molecules, so the juice preserves its full aroma and taste. Stainless steel is also extremely durable, so you can safely consider you’ve bought a juicer for life. Super Angel is the only juicer on the market made 100% from stainless steel.

It’s a heavy duty appliance

Since stainless steel is way tougher than plastic, it comes without saying that this juicer is as durable as can be. The high-quality stainless steel doesn’t rust or oxidate, so it’s always going to look like new. You can rely on this juicer for both personal and commercial purposes. Also, it comes with an extra-long warranty, just for your peace of mind.

The Bad

The price makes it less affordable

This juicer is expensive, indeed, but you can’t get better than this. If you want a reliable appliance to serve you for many years to come, you need to spend a bit more money. You’ll be glad you’ve done it.

The juicer is heavy

As this juicer is made from stainless steel, it surely is heavier than many other similar appliances on the market. If you like moving things around in your kitchen, this juicer may not be such a great idea, as it isn’t exactly portable.

It is the best choice for…

This juicer is best for frequent use. If you are a juicing aficionado or you own a juice bar, this all-metal juicer is exactly what you need. It can withstand continuous usage, so you won’t have to worry about replacing it too often. This is the best high-end juicer for leafy greens, thanks to its twin-gear masticating technique. This is the mother of all juicers, the ultimate choice of champions.

Are you serious about juicing for health? Do yourself a favor and invest in this machine. It is going to be worth every penny.

It is a poor choice for…

If you are on a shoestring budget, this juicer may not be your best solution. Those who only want a basic machine, made from plastic, and easy to clean will find this juicer way too much for their needs. If this is you, you should rather check out this juicer.

The Verdict

If you want to prepare juice for your whole family or you own a health bar, and you need large quantities of leafy greens juice on a daily basis, the Super Angel All Stainless Steel Twin Gear Juicer will fulfill and even exceed your expectations.

If you are an absolute juicing fan like us, and you want everything that’s best in life, this juicer will serve you well. This machine is made from surgical grade stainless steel, able to withstand the test of time without the wear and tear of plastic juicers. Made from a material which is inert to food, it enables the juice to preserve all nutritional properties and aromas of the original produce. This appliance will deliver you clear, high-quality juice, unaltered by foam, froth, oxidation or plastic-derived compounds.

It’s true that this juicer isn’t cheap, but you couldn’t possibly find anything better than this. If you decide to invest in your health and purchase this juicer, make sure you read our juicing guide before starting to use it.

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