SKG Wide Chute Anti-Oxidation Slow Masticating Juicer Review

Review of The SKG Wide Chute Anti-Oxidation Slow Masticating Juicer (240W AC Motor, 60 RPMs, 3″ Large Mouth) – Vertical Masticating Cold Press Juicer

Juicing has come a long way, and it all starts with the proper juicer in hand.

What are you going to use moving forward? With a plethora of options, a person can feel overwhelmed by the possibilities, and that is never a good thing! Due to this, it’s time to look at one of the newer options on the market in the form of the SKG Wide Chute Juicer.

Does it do a good job? Is it going to work as well as you want it to?

This review is going to have all the answers to your questions.

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Key Features

1) New Generation Design
2) Includes 240W AC Motor
3) Offers Large Chute (3 Inches)
4) Includes 50 RPMs
5) Comes With Vertical Masticating


1) Durable

Getting a durable juicer is a must in this day and age when you’re spending money. You want something that will last for years, which is what you’re getting here. With the two-year warranty on top, you’re not going to have a single issue with this juicer.

It’s built to last.

2) Powerful Juicing

The main positive is its ability to juice and make sure everything blends as you want it to. There is nothing worse than lumpy juice. You’re not going to have a problem with any fruit/vegetable when it comes to this world-class juicer.

It can hande anything.

3) Consistent

Whether it is a small or large fruit, you are going to find it easy to cut through. This is important when it comes to juicing. No one wants to drink something that’s inconsistent or lumpy. This doesn’t pose such a problem at all making it a real winner.

4) Great Power Output

The power output is always going to matter when it comes to the juicer and how well it works. The motor size is incredible, and you’re going to see exceptional results because of it.


1) Takes Time To Settle In

One of the primary cons would have to do with its initial usage. This isn’t a big deal but a con nonetheless. You’re going to realize it takes time to settle in and get going, which is frustrating to some people.

2) Takes Time To Clean With Larger Fruit

If the pulp starts to become an issue, it will take time to clean. This is rare, but it is something to account for as you settle in with this powerful juicer.

Concluding Thoughts

This juicer is an exceptional product and one of the better ones to enter the market in a long time.

It’s robust, easy to use, and looks lovely while you set it into place. Too many juicers are unappealing and don’t have the quality you’re after, but this isn’t going to present such issues. It’s a joy to use and an ideal fit for those who love juicing and want something that looks the part.

It is a must-buy for those who want to get a premium juicer.

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