Omega Chrome-Heavy Duty Masticating Juicer 8008 Review

Review of The Omega Chrome-Heavy Duty Masticating Juicer 8008

Many people are becoming health-conscious and order to look after their health properly; they may purchase any number of different gadgets. One of the options that many of them consider is purchasing a juicer. It’s a great way to look after your health and to have the benefits of eating lots of vegetables without actually having to chew them. Of course, there are a wide variety of juicers available including the Omega chrome-heavy duty masticating juicer 8008. What type of experience can you expect when you use this juicer?

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One of the factors that you will notice about this particular juicer is that it follows suit with any of the Omega products and it is a very high quality. You can expect to get a lot of use out of this particular model because the auger is durable and the motor is of commercial grade. Certainly, it was put together with longevity in mind, and that is something that you will appreciate, every time you turn it on. You will find that it is just as reliable and durable as any of the other Omega juicers.

The Omega 8008 offer something a little bit different when it comes to options and helps to make it even more durable than many of the older models. One of those factors is the filter which is now made out of stainless steel, and the auger was made to be more durable and strong as well. In fact, when you compare it with some of the older models, you will find that it as much as eight times stronger so if you are planning on using the juicer frequently, it will stand up to everything that you throw in its direction.

Masticating juicers are well known for providing a high-quality juice, and this Omega product is certainly in line with that benefit as well. The masticating speed is 80 RPMs, and since it is operating at such a slow rate, you will not typically have a problem with heat build-up when it is being regularly used. It will produce some very high-quality juice, and because heat is not an issue an oxidation is kept to a minimum, the juice will be able to store for a much longer time.

One of the areas in which the Omega 8008 shines is when you plan on doing a lot of juice at one particular time. Many people find that it is convenient to do all of their juicing for the day or perhaps for two days at the same time so that cleanup is minimized. That option is not only possible with the 8008; it was built for that very purpose. You can do all of the regular vegetables, regardless of whether they are hard or soft and you can also run wheatgrass, leafy greens, and even fruits through the juicer. If you do plan on using softer fruits, however, be sure to put them through in smaller chunks, so clogging is not a problem.

All in all, if you are looking for a quality juicer, the Omega 8008 is one that you should certainly consider. It’s a quiet, efficient and highly durable masticating juicer that can produce a very high-quality juice for those who want to take care of their health.

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