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Centrifugal Juicer Reviews

Juicing on a regular basis is one of the best ways to stay healthy, and the type of juicer you choose is going to determine how much you stick to juicing. If the machine is heavy and difficult to use, you are much less likely to stick with it. Centrifugal juicers are the best type of juicer around because they are efficient and easy to use. They are also fast and versatile which makes them the perfect choice for your juicer.

Centrifugal juicers spin at high speeds which separates the juice from the pulp, so you get a perfect glass of juice each time you use them. Operating the machine is simple. You just have to push your produce down the feeder tube, and it will quickly be pulverized by the spinning blades. Centrifugal juicers are affordable, and they are very easy to use and clean. You won’t have to read a long instruction manual or spend precious time taking the entire juicer apart and cleaning it each time you want to make a glass of juice.

One of the downsides of a centrifugal juicer is that they do not work as efficiently with leafy greens and sprouts. Additionally, the high RPM of the machine can destroy some of the enzymes you get with the juice, and it can also foam when you juice a lot of leafy greens and grasses, so you want to keep this point in mind when you are looking for a juicer to buy.

When you are ready to buy a centrifugal juicer, you want to think about the speed. A variable speed juicer is going to be a better choice if you are doing a lot of juicing and you want more control over the machine. If your needs are simple or you are new to juicing, a two-speed juicer is going to provide you with all that you need. Low speeds work better on greens and softer produce, while high speeds can be used for hard fruit.

You will also want to make sure the feed chute size is big enough for the fruits and vegetables you want to juice. Go for the largest chute you can afford since this will cut down on the amount of time that you have to chop your produce to fit in the chute. You should also consider the construction of the juicer. You want to make sure that the juicer is well-made and that the material is going to resist bending.

Top 10 Best Centrifugal Juicers Comparison Table

Breville Juice Fountain Elite
Breville Juice Fountain Elite
Centrifugal, Fast Juicing, Easy Clean Up1 Year4.5 out of 5 stars$$
Breville JE98XL Juice Fountain Plus 850-Watt Juice Extractor
Breville Juice Fountain Plus
Centrifugal, Fast Juicing, Easy Clean Up1 Year4.5 out of 5 stars$
Breville Compact Juice Fountain
Breville Compact Juice Fountain
Centrifugal, Fast Juicing, Easy Clean Up1 Year4.4 out of 5 stars$

Breville BJE430SIL Juice Fountain Cold
Centrifugal, "Cold Spin Technology", Large Chute For Easy Feeding1 Year4.4 out of 5 stars$

Cuisinart Juice Extractor (CJE-1000)
Centrifugal, Large Chute For Easy Feeding, Fast, Easy Clean Up3 Years4.2 out of 5 stars$

Gourmia GJ750 Wide Mouth
Centrifugal, Fast Juicing, Easy Clean Up1 Year4.1 out of 5 stars$

Hamilton Beach 67601A Big Mouth
Centrifugal, Fast Juicing, Easy Clean Up1 Year4.1 out of 5 stars$

BELLA 13694 High Power Juice Extractor
Centrifugal, Fast Juicing, Easy Clean Up2 Years3.9 out of 5 stars$

BELLA 13694 High Power Juice Extractor, Stainless Steel

The BELLA 13694 is a high-end juicer built out of high-end materials. The juicer is completely devoid of BPA materials and is powerful enough to reduce any fruit to juice and pulp. With its 1,000 watt motor that operates on two speeds, this device can get more bang for the buck when it comes to getting the juice out of fruit. The two speeds are intended for different types of produce, both increasingly popular among health-conscious home chefs.

The high setting is intended for harder produce, such as pineapples with the rinds, sugar beets or carrots. The medium setting is always intended to be used on leafy or stringy produce, most typically spinach and celery, two very important incidents in the “green shakes” that are becoming more prevalent to healthy eating in the modern world. The low-speed setting is intended for softer or riper produce, of particular note applies, oranges, melons, peaches and tomatoes, all popular fodder for a good juice drink.

The feed tube of the device is three inches wide, allowing the user to fit some good-sized chunks of fruit and vegetables in there with less chopping. The housing is stainless steel, intended to last a long time with minimal damage to the equipment over an extended period. The pitcher can hold a full liter of pulverized fruit and juice.

The device operates on a fine metallic micro mesh filter to get the pulp out of the juice. The entire juicer save for the motor is capable of being washed, either by hand with soap and water or inside of a dishwasher. Finally, the juicer has a set of rubber, non-skid feet to keep it safely on a kitchen countertop rather than slipping and breaking.

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Juiceman JM3000 3-in-1 Total Electric Juicer, Juicer, Blender, & Citrus Juicer with 2L Removable Pulp Container & 24oz. Portable Personal Blending Jar (Travel Lid Included)

Key Features

1) 3-In-1 Juicer (Extractor, Blender, Juicer)
2) Anti-Drip Spout For Easy Clean-Up
3) Robust 800W Motor
4) Includes Three Attachments For Juicing
5) Includes 24 Oz. Blender Attachment
5) Provides Unique 4-Tip Stainless Steel Blades


1) Powerful

It is potent when it comes to power being generated. This juicer can put out 800W of power, and that’s incredible in the world of similar machines. It simply gets the job done.

2) Easy To Use

Is it easy to use? Yes, it is!

This is one of the simplest options in the business because it has three attachments and they go into place quickly. Just put in the fruit and watch it go to work for you.

3) Simple Cleaning Process

The anti-drip spout makes it a breeze to clean up after you’ve prepared the juice. Put in the fruits and watch the juicer go to work without making a real mess. This is ideal for those who hate cleaning up.


1) Noisy

It does generate a lot of noise, and this is a point of contention for those who are hoping to add it to their kitchen for morning use.

Concluding Thoughts

This juicer is one of a kind when it comes to build quality, performance metrics, and overall quality.

It is the complete package!

For those who are looking to invest in a world-class juicer that is going to settle nicely into their day-to-day lives can take a look at what this brings to the table. It is one of those solutions that do a good job and make sure it is easy to enjoy in the long-term.

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Jamba Appliances 67901 Centrifugal Juice Extractor, Gray

One of the prominent options on offer right now is the Jamba Appliance (67901). This is one of those options that is being looked at in detail.

Key Features

1) Includes 1100W Motor
2) Motor Offers 2 Speeds
3) Includes 3.5″ Chute For Easy Precutting
4) Offers Simple Sweep Cleaning Tool
5) Includes Recipe Book (In Color)


1) Consistent

It is one thing to get a juicer that is powerful and another to get one that produces good juice.

This will blend through anything and will make it look easy. You are going to love having such a quality juicer in hand.

2) Powerful

Yes, it is impressive with its 1100W motor.

This is something other juicers are unable to bring to the table, and you’re going to love it. The product is a potent option in this regard.

3) Fun Recipe Book

Don’t know what to make with your new juicer? Well, the full-color recipe book is a nice start and a must-read. You are going to love it!


1) Takes Time To Get Used To

While this is not a big deal and most people will follow directions, it does take time to get used to. The machine is well-built and is going to do the job, but you have to give it a bit of time.

Concluding Thoughts

If the goal is to get a product that is in line with the rest of your fast-paced lifestyle, this is going to do the job well.

It is built to last, looks aesthetically pleasing, and does its job to a tee. You are not going to have to think about it for too long, and that is what matters.

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Hamilton Beach 67603 Big Mouth Juice Extractor

If you love fresh juice, then you will fall in love with the Hamilton Beach Big Mouth Juice Extractor. This amazing juice extractor can help to squeeze fresh juice from a wide range of edible ingredients (whole fruits and vegetables) in a fast and convenient way. If you are always looking for a healthy juice drink at your local grocery store, but nothing meets your expectations, it is high time you consider taking matters into your own hands and making the juice yourself.

Hamilton Beach Juice Extractor is designed for ordinary people who would like to make fresh, all-natural and preservative free juice from the comfort of their homes. This Big Mouth extractor packs some mean squeezing power which enables it to extracts all the nutrients you require from your fruits and other edibles. Its high performance, speed, efficiency, reliability and hassle-free cleanup makes it the juice extractor that most people ask for.

Key Features

– A powerful 800-watt motor that squeezes juice from almost anything you put in. It can produce fresh juice from most whole fruits and vegetables.

– Easy assembly and storage. The top lid is firmly held with latches. There are no extra tools needed.

– Extra Large pulp bin that lets you extract juice for longer periods.

– Large and extra wide 3-inch feed chute for minimal pre-cutting before extraction.

– Easy cleaning with removable plastic parts that are dishwasher safe.

– Cleaning brush and recipes included.

The Hamilton Beach Juice Extractor is ideal for anyone who would like to make their fresh juice at home. You can easily experiment with different juice recipes at home. This juice extractor is a wonderful investment that can help you to improve your overall health and well-being. This juicer can also aid with weight loss.

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Gourmia GJ750 Wide Mouth Fruit Centrifugal Juicer 850 Watts Juice Extractor with Multiple Settings, Stainless Steel – Includes Free E-Recipe Book – 110V

The whole fruit extraction centrifugal juicer from Gourmia has been causing quite a ripple in the market for some time. It gives you the ultimate juicing experience with a combination of numerous unique features. The CentriTract Centrifugal Extraction System helps you extract the healthiest and purest juice from all kinds of fruits. The wide mouth of the extract allows you to place whole fruits and vegetables into the feeder chute. This gives more nutrients and less waste in the extraction process. You can save a lot of time since you don’t have to cut the fruits into small pieces.

The juicer comes with a powerful motor of 850 watts – which helps extract the maximum of every fruit and vegetable you insert into the chute. It leaves a relatively dry pulp – which means you get the maximum efficiency of the extractor compared to most of the other competitor products on the market. The juicer comes with multiple settings such as dual speed settings. In fact, there are two-speed options to choose from in the GJ750. One option is for soft fruits and vegetables while the other is for hard fruits/vegetables. This makes the GJ750 a versatile extractor capable of juicing a wide variety of fruits and vegetables.

The collector’s opening fits directly over the mouth of the juicer. In fact, the container will hold up to one-liter of juice. It helps avoid juice overflow which is very common in most of the competitor products on the market. The build of the GJ750 is sleek and beautiful and is made of stainless steel. The noise reduction feature is another selling point of this juicer. Juicing is much faster with the removable pulp tank of the machine.

All in all, the Gourmia GJ750 Wide Mouth Fruit Centrifugal Juicer is one of the best on the market today.

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